My Passion

Do you get headaches? Are they debilitating?

Do you feel like the only thing that can help your headache is a scalding hot shower or laying down in a dark room and sleeping?

I understand all of these.

I take a special interest in headaches because they’re extremely common but people that suffer from them struggle to find a consistent solution.I feel like I understand my patient with regards to this condition a lot more because previous to my musculoskeletal studies, I used to struggle with headaches sometimes for over 3 days a week, a couple of times a month.I remember struggling to find the strength for even simple things like text messaging.

It wasn’t until I realized that I needed an approach to managing my headaches and an attitude to dealing with them that I began to improve my quality of life (whether it be with massage, exercise or simply relaxing!).I’m extremely passionate about treating cervicogenic headaches because I can understand the pain that people go through.No one headache is the same, therefore, not every headache treatment should be approached the same way.

I feel like it’s also very important that the patient relaxes in this treatment because stress in this part of the body is also more complicated and requires a multifaceted approach.

When someone is looking for a therapist to treat their head and neck issues, the ideal therapist should not only have the knowledge and experience to reach their patient’s goals but also have the understanding and empathy to look at the condition as a whole.I feel this last part in particular is emperical for a health practitioner.If you’re struggling with your headaches and running out of options or haven’t found any solutions, give me a try.

I’ve also got a blog dedicated to the natural and fellow headache sufferer remedies around.

Please don’t hesitate to have a look!