Important Information

We encourage new patients to come a little bit earlier to their first treatment as it involves filling out a health history form and also a thorough consultation about the reason for your visit.

Your first treatment includes questions asked about your health history and may include observations, range of motion and orthopedic special testing.

Some things to expect after the treatment;

Soreness – Some patients experience pain and stiffness after their massage, this is very routine and usually the pain subsides after a couple of days, heat packs and light stretching can aid these symptoms.

Light headed – Sometimes the increase of blood flow can make patients feel light headed, our therapists will recommend you take your time getting up off the table after the massage.

Drowsy – Depending on the type of massage, patients may feel quite sleepy after their treatment, therapists encourage a good nap after the treatment to aid the healing process.

If you have any of the conditions below please notify us when calling.

•Acute Injury

•Heart conditions

•Kidney and Liver conditions

•Pregnancy (1st trimester pregnancy is contraindicated)

•Infections like the flu or measles


•Any serious other medical condition

Please be aware that you may need your doctor’s ok before visiting us or we may advise that it may not be appropriate for you to receive treatment at this stage.